Roberto Rossi - 2010-11-04

Dear users,

ANts P2P development has been extremely active between 2005 and 2008. Faithful users may recall that in that period I was releasing new versions everyday. It has been a pleasant and exciting collaboration! I recall with joy the many comments received by users, feature requests, bug reports… unfortunately, or fortunately, as everybody does… I ended my university studies, found myself a job and moved on. As a university professor, I do have little time for things like open source development nowadays. Still, I do believe in open source and in its potential, this is why I decided to leave my code free for everybody on SourceForge. This does not mean that ANts is an end product that everybody can use. On the contrary… it has many problematics and open issues. Does this mean that ANts is crap? Maybe… depends on your perspective. I do believe that it is a perfect playground for anybody willing to peek into the sources of a semi-professional P2P program with all the features you typically desire: swarming, full text search, multi-source download etc etc. On the top of this, the rounting protocol is object oriented and secured by two levels of cyprography: poin-to-point and end-point to end-point. This makes of ANts a unique product that is worth a try, especially if you are a developer and you are interested in how the damn thing works! I hope you will enjoy my code and give it a try perhaps with some friend :) to build up a small network and see how it works. The ambition here is not to compete with Azureus or Emule. ANts is something different, a pioneering work in anonymous P2P systems. Please take it as it is, perhaps just a dream.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Roberto Rossi
aka Gwren
ANts developer from 2005 to 2008