Please make a better homepage

  • clancher

    clancher - 2005-10-06

    I know that ants is still in early development, but please have mercy with the people interested in it and make a better homepage. At the moment, everything is cluttered onto one page and you are unable to find any useful information. A person new to ants will spend an hour even finding out which version of ants to download and what's the difference between them.
    It should only take you a few hours to split up your ants page and make an introduction page, a download page (please, with information which download does what!), a changelog and a short tutorial. That's four pages and a lot of people will be happy. Also, please check your links. I believe they are correct, but your site gives me "illegal utf8 encoding" errors a lot of the time.
    If you don't have the time to make a new homepage, there should be someone who has. If you can't do it, please think about giving that task to someone else. Otherwise you won't get many users soon.

    • Roberto Rossi

      Roberto Rossi - 2005-10-06

      Forgive a poor student programmer :(

    • kunksclick

      kunksclick - 2005-10-08

      Indeed.  The links are not contiguous. If you are indirectly using all users that join, for the "ants" research and development prototype with the respective many hours inputed by the connected userbase, which, must be said,  has a large potential userbase, then a "poor student programmer" will remain such.
      A web site needs to be to the point and at least indexed appropriately.

      I will use a proxy to translate and hope you understand.

      Effettivamente. I collegamenti non sono attigui. Se state usando indirettamente tutti gli utenti che si uniscono, dato che "le formiche" prototipo di sviluppo e di ricerca con il rispettivo molte ore inputed dal userbase collegato, che, deve essere detto, ha un grande userbase potenziale, allora "un povero allievo che il programmatore" rimarr tale. Un Web site deve essere al punto e spostato ad incrementi almeno giustamente.

    • Puusilma

      Puusilma - 2005-10-08

      Gwren, you don't necessarily have to invest your own time in improving the ANts site, you could recruit a competent web designer from the ANts user community and delegate that responsibility for voluntary labor. It's a good cause and I'm sure many people would be interested in helping in any way they can.

      In any case, ANts does need more documentation. Currently there is none ever in the form of release notes to indicate what changes were done over previous versions. I think this is a major fault in the useability department. If it's a language thing, I'm sure again it would be entirely possible to find someone from the Italian user forums to translate the technical notes about the changes, which btw, should already be available in some language if the new code is properly designed and commented.

    • P2P Wizard

      P2P Wizard - 2005-11-24

      I don't think the homepage is that bad.  I think the major problem is the lack of *easily accessable* technical details and *extensive in-depth* FAQs.

      That said, it'd be nice to set up a wiki page for ants I think.  I have some server space if its needed that I will volunteer if it is cool with Gwren and people will actually help contribute stuff.


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