Ants P2P just for an specified ip Range

Rob Fran
  • Rob Fran

    Rob Fran - 2008-04-30

    i am in a LAN and i want to have a restriction that only ip´s from the LAN could connect. How can I do that?

    • Errol Elliott FCCA

      Use an ipfilter.dat file.

      Antsp2p friend to friend service Dargens ( has an example.

      Goto Dargens, join then look in the kerjodando folder.

      Kerjodando is a mod of Antsp2p

    • Rob Fran

      Rob Fran - 2008-04-30

      oh that was fast. THX

      But i don't find the file. Could you please give an example ? and where i have to drop it.

      • Errol Elliott FCCA

        It is really easier if you're a small group sharing on a LAN and have access to the internet to use  .  That's what it was made for. 

        Just join, select PRIVATE by un-ticking public in details.  Invite your friends.  Have a look around.  Dargens is ANts p2p but with a few more features.  It is open source.

        However, what you are trying to do is what I use to do.  Google for ipfilter.dat for emule.  This is the file that the old version of ANts p2p uses.

        Put in the settings file.

        You may have to read up on how to use ipfilter.dat files.

        Hope this is helpful.

    • Rob Fran

      Rob Fran - 2008-05-05

      Thank you for your answer.
      hmmm thats good BUT i don´t trust .and i don´t know where to place the ipfilter.dat. I tried to place it in the Ants p2p folder but that don´t work.

      An other qustion is: If this file could be used with the latest version of ANTS.


      • Errol Elliott FCCA

        I understand you not trusting  .  It is new I developed it over the last 2 years.  It is totally open source, including the website.  You could set up your own website if you wished just by using a copy of the code.  The source code can be found here  the blog here .  It also has an irc chat room on the website.

        However, back to your question.  The ipfilter.dat has to go into the ANtsP2P folder.  This folder also contains the following files:
        and translation.ji

        It does work I have tried it.

        If it is not working for you then you must have the format of the ipfilter.dat wrong.  It is a bit confusing.  Post an example here and I'll tell you if it is correct.

        An ANtsp2p developer.

    • Rob Fran

      Rob Fran - 2008-05-05

      here is the ip filter.dat

      # All entered IP ranges will be blocked
      # in eMule for both Up- and Downloading.
      # Be extremely careful what you enter here.
      # Wrong entries may totally block eMule from accessing the network.
      # Format:
      # IP-Range , Access Level , Description
      # Ip-Ranges of different entries cannot overlap.
      # Access Levels:
      # 0-126 blocked
      # 127-255 permitted
      # Put versions, dates, and URLs from the most-recent update here - , 150 , unter  - , 151 , mitte  - , 152 , über

      • Errol Elliott FCCA

        Here is an example:,200,for ban ips,200,for ban ips,200,for ban ips,200,for ban ips

        It only allows LAN and ip

        Note that it only contains bans.

        Also note that it uses 200 for ban ips.

        I know this format works.

        Only list banned ranges and use 200.

        Hope this works for you.  It works for me.

        An ANts p2p developer.

        Try it really is the newest version of ANts p2p and it is fully open source.

    • Rob Fran

      Rob Fran - 2008-05-05

      Thank you very much. I will try this.



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