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  • ericc

    ericc - 2006-05-31

    Where is the best place to ask question about Ants ?
    The forum on the official site seems .... "strange" !!!
    The documentation is completely outdated ...

    I have a lot of questions about configuration ... is somebody able to help here ?

    Thx in advance

    • Errol Elliott FCCA

      The very best place to post questions if you want a FAST answer is .

      Gwren reads it and has often posted there.

      More importantly, Tsafa who speaks to Gwren on a regular basis posts there.

      He can either answer questions directly or ask gwren for an answer.


    • ericc

      ericc - 2006-06-02

      Ok I will ask here as on the forum for Ants seems to be empty ...

      I come from Lphant (eMule clone but not mod) and I would like to switch to a more secure client .

      So I give a try to Ants (this not the first time).
      I have read on some place that Ants use port TCP 443 but on other place I have seen port TCP 4567 ... so which port should I use (and open in my firewall/router) ? of course I use the last version ...

      related question: How can I be sure that the port is correctly forwarded/open ?
      with Lphant, if this are not correct you get a lowID otherwise you receive a highID ... but with Ants ?

      Next question:
      In the settings, I see a button to connect on an IRC server (and AFAIK, it's help to have connections) , but it doesn't work ... do you know why ?
      I 'm not familar with IRC (sorry) Should I open/forward a port also ? (Ouput connections are free usually, only incoming connection are controlled in my firewall)

      I have started Ants, but I am behind a router, so with a private IP address. When I manually enter my public address, the private address come back after a few second ... do you know why ?

      I found a way to solve this problem by creating a DynDNS account and put my "URL" in the text box, but it a strange way to do it ...

      Now I can connect but I see only 2 or 3 other guys and after 5 hours I download only 1.2 Mo for me ... but more than 35Mo goes through my connection ... is it a normal "performance" ?
      if yes, I will keep emule where all the traffic come to me and I can download more than 1.6Go per day ...

      I understand that my questions can look stupid, but I have searched to find some answers ... and or I don't found , or the answers I found are contradictory ... So I am really confused

      Thanks to help me

      Nb: an other friend who live in a different place, have made some test but with the same (bad) results


    • FantaMan

      FantaMan - 2006-06-03

      The right port is TCP 443 (HTTPS)
      Here is an updated guide:

      IRC helps for connections, use channel #antsp2p on If you use peerguardian2 with spyware block list, make sure the block list is updated. For IRC you must open port 6667 only for output, no input port is needed.
      I have the same configuration, i use dyndns too.
      Usually connection is done in less than 5 minutes for me, but sometime it's very slow (30 min or more).
      Download is slow if there is only 1 source for that file, try files with more sources.
      Your node act as a router, some (ok a lot<g>) bandwidth is used for routing data from other peers.
      Keep in mind that ANts it's still in beta, and ANts network it's very small (but it's smart and it will grow!).

    • ericc

      ericc - 2006-06-05


      Thanks FantaMan for your explanation and the link
      It's clarify a lot of thing ...
      But I still have some questions :

      Can I use an other port than the 443 ? because I feel that my ISP lock it !!
      other way to ask the same question : How can I be sure that my port 443 is correctly open ?

      For IRC, I still have also some troubles, even with mIRC , I can't connect or to be exact , I can connect once on 10 times but not on the port 6667 !!!

      I will investigate on this and ask to my ISP ...

      Thanks again for your help


    • FantaMan

      FantaMan - 2006-06-06

      443 it's recommended but, of course, you can use other port.  An ISP that block port 443 it's a rarity, port 443 it's used for HTTPS.  You can monitor messages on port 443 using a tool, try Peerguardian2 (it's used for filter the traffic but  it also logs all the ports).
      IRC: 6667 it's the default port, many IRC servers accept messages on ports from 6666 to 6669.

    • ericc

      ericc - 2006-06-06

      Hi FantaMan

      I partially solve my IRC problem !!
      I use McAfee8 and it by default it block all IRC traffic on ports 6666 to 6669 !! :(
      This is why I can connect on some server who accept connection on port 7000 !!!
      But since this morning my IP address seems to be black listed because: "this IP address provide an Open Proxy!!" since 2005 !!! My ISP use DHCP and my address change every 24hours ...

      We are the 6/06/06, could be an explanation ;)

      For the port 443: I'm agree with you for outgoing connection (to the server) but for incoming (to my computer) !!
      I will recheck again my configuration ...

      Thx again



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