#15 Please clarify CC lookup behavior.


I'm about done writing a tool which reads in a list of
Visual Studio .NET solutions and outputs an ant build
script which builds all the projects and toggles the
settings for the CC task based on those in the project.
In addition it support each project having debug and
release configurations.

However, I'm having a major problem with getting static
dependencies during link to be looked up properly. For
instance, say project MyProject has a dependency to
myLib.lib. I know what directories it *could* be in, due
to the VS.NET LibraryDirs settings, but I don't know
which one it's in.

My current understanding of the CC task is that nested
filesets auction files to the compiler and if none takes it,
to the linker. So if I was to include a library file, the
linker should get it. My impression was also that if the lib
file is in one of the (sys)includepath directories, a
relative filename would be found. Unfortunately, this
behavior doesn't seem to be working. By using libset I
am able to include an entire known directory of libraries,
but I don't necessarily want them all to link.

So, my question is, knowing a library file and the
directories it could be in, how do I specifiy this for CC so
that it will properly find the library file and give it to the

FYI, I'm using the Intel C++ 8.0 Toolset for Windows

Thanks a bunch!

P.S. If there is interest, I could release the source to my
tool once it's done. It's written in C++ and relies on


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