Hello guys!

I made a task for exporting EAR application archives from Eclipse WTP projects and another task for configuring JDK logging.

Simplest example:
           <wtpEARExport destfile="Test.ear" projectsdir="c:\workspace" earprojecname="MyTestEAR"/>

EAR task summary:
          - opens the Eclipse projects and analyses each
          - read their classpath and project configuration
          - compiles each module accordingly to classpath configuration (considering dependency order)
          - generates the MANIFEST.MF for modules
          - assembles the modules (generate .war and .jar files)
          - assembles the final EAR archive
          - all done considering J2EE 1.4 specs

The logging task is simple. It gets a log file name, the level for logging, which logger has to be configured with file and console handlers and then configures the logging API.
It's simple and usefull for configuring log levels during scripts (I actually use this!).

I wish to know if it is your interest to include any of those tasks in ant-contrib, so I give all codes and rights to you.
I chose ant-contrib because of the usefull and simple-to-use tasks that are offerred in the pack.

Thanks for the attention.

Flávio Stutz