1. BuildListeners are configurable only in the sense of what
   level they are logging at. 

   You can specify which is the default build logger
   used by ANT via the "-logger" flag
   You can add any number of listeners on the command
   line via the "-listener" flag.

   Any logger and listeners specified on the command line
   all log at the same level if i'm correct

   However, you can add a DefaultLogger instance at runtime via the
   "record" task, and configure it's log level to whatever you
   want.  Unfortunately, it does not let you use anything other
   than the default text logger.

2. Yes, it would require a codechange to foreach, and i'm not sure i would
   even want to change the behavior.  It uses the existing listeners,
   which is the intended behavior. 

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On 10/07/2003 07:57 AM Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Matthew Inger <inger@synygy.com> wrote:
>>OK.  I see what you mean, however, the output is controlled
>>via ANT's execution mechanism.
> It is controlled via the BuildListeners.

Are buildlisteners configurable in what they output?

> <foreach> (ab)uses <antcall> internally, the result is that for each
> iteration you get an invocation of <antcall>, thus the target gets
> started once per iteration and you get the target's label once per
> iteration using DefaultLogger.
> If you switched to something like NoBannerLogger, you wouldn't get any
> target labels at all.
>>ANT-CONTRIB cannot control what is output from that.  The output is
>>part of the core definition of the "Target" class.
> <foreach> could try to use a BuildLogger of its own rather than the
> DefaultLogger and suppress the targetStarted events, but that would be
> cumbersome to say the least.  Probably even impossible.

I take it that is something that would require code changes and isn't

>>Talk to the ant-dev team if this bothers you, as we have no control
>>over it.
> And I've just sent Adam over to ant-contrib-dev for questions about
> <foreach>, tss.  8-)
I see the thread is being cc'd to the ant-user list anyway.

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