And if you could get that build descriptor type thing
to work with the <cc> task, that would be excellent. :)

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+1. I don't like the name too much though... Any other suggestions?

Once it's in, it will be easier to make it evolve. The XSL-based system I
currently have, and would very much like to replace with something like this
task, reads the definition of what the project sub-parts are, and which
dependencies they each have, between each other, but also with external
JARs. I enable part of this functionality thru a <buildpath> element that
extends Path, and allows to plug-in a custom BuildPathResolver to determine
the build order. (I've posted that code).

The ability to compile a project's subpart independently is great, but the
exact dependencies between these parts, and for each part of external JARs
is something that I (and I suspect other) really need.

My $0.02. --DD

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> From: Stefan Bodewig []
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> Subject: Re: [Ant-contrib-developers] new ant task
> I was waiting for anybody else to comment on Dean's compilewithwalls
> task.  I really like the idea and would like to see it somewhere.
> Ant is more or less in a no-new-tasks-accepted state and I don't
> expect it to change until after the release of Ant 1.6.  Maybe we'll
> see multiple antlibs as subprojects of Ant after that, who knows.
> Dean's task is really useful, well documented and tested IMHO and I
> see it as a good fit for ant-contrib.  What do others think?
> Stefan

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