If i remember correctly, it expects a property name,
it will automatically dereference it.

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Subject: [Ant-contrib-developers] RE: Help with <outofdate> (was

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:12:15 -0600, Dominique Devienne wrote
> I strongly advise you to use <outofdate> from Ant-contrib instead ;-)

Advise taken. But now my zeus task never runs no matter what the timestamps of
the source and target files. I now have the following in my build.xml:

<!-- decide if we need to run the zeus task -->
<target name="configUptodate" depends="init"
        description="Update config classes if the dtd has changed">
 <outofdate property="runZeus">
   <pathelement location="config.dtd"/>
   <pathelement path="${src}/com/broadq/qcaststation/config"/>
   <fileset dir=".">
    <include name="**/*.java"/>

<target name="zeus" depends="configUptodate" if="${runZeus}"
        description="make zeus classes">
 <zeus destDir="${src}">
  <constraint type="DTD" constraintFile="config.dtd"

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