Setting the name parameter to "g++" will set the command to "g++" in the GccCompiler implementation, but does not change the command for the GccLinker implementation. This causes my compile to fail. I changed GccCompiler.getLinker() and GccLinker.getLinker() and added a GccLinker.gppInstance which is ultimately returned. There may be a simpler way to use gcc with args to do this, but I'm not aware of it. I can send a patch after adding dll and static library g++ support if you think this approach makes sense.


Finally, I'm building a project using CygWin's g++, and there is no config-auto.h file as specified in Portability.h anywhere in the tree. In the MSVC environment everything compiles, because there IS a config-msvc6.h. Does config-auto.h exist? I tried to browse the CVS tree at sourceforge, but I'm not able too, because I get a proxy error. Is a current tarball available?