Well I want to use cpptasks to find my compiler. I could hack cpptasks to use full paths and add a way to specify that in the build file.

Microsoft has made that approach difficult though. The microsoft compiler requires multiple entries in the PATH for the compiler to find all of its dlls. :-(

Another approach could be to use a script instead of cl.exe directly. But again I need cpptasks to use full path and to use the mycl.bat instead of cl.exe

Is it possible in a simple way to spcify full path for the compiler instead of relying on it being in the PATH

 - Nicolai

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> oh, sounds like you are expecting exec to use the path environment
> variable.  I don't think java can do that as it is a catch
> 22.  You are
> setting up the environment for the process to run in, not
> setting up the
> environment in which you will invoke the exe.
> I am a little confused though.  If you want ant to change
> your PATH for
> you, that would mean that you probably already know where the
> exe file
> is.  With exec, if you need to change the PATH to where the exe lies,
> you can just similarly just change exec to point to the new
> exe without
> changing the PATH, can't you?  Maybe you can explain a little more.
> thanks,
> dean