I'm sorry, I misspoke. The flag being added is "/RTCs". In the version that I have (checked out of CVS about a month ago) it is line 75 of DevStudioCompatibleCCompiler.java. I could comment the line out and build our own version but that would turn off the checks for everything I built. Ideally, it would be some kind of attribute of the <cc> task but I'm not sure how to go about adding a new attribute.

I'm just getting my feet wet with managed C++ but I think it is closer to the C/C++ model than it is to C#/VB.


At 11:07 AM 4/28/2005, Curt Arnold wrote:
I haven't tried cpptasks with managed C++ code.  I could see nothing in the code base that would add a /RTc flag.  If you run with "ant -v" you should be able to see exactly what command line was issued to the compiler (though it might be buried in a response file).

I did some thinking several years ago about adding adapters for C# and VB.NET compilers and came to the conclusion that they were closer to a "linker" than a "compiler" in that consumed several source files and produced one assembly with limited opportunity to interact with anything analogous to a object or .class file.  I don't know if the Managed C++ compiler would be similar in that regard and should be treated as a distinct trivial compiler and associated linker or could be adequately handled by extending the runtime attribute to "static | dynamic | clr".

On Apr 28, 2005, at 7:14 AM, Jason Stewart wrote:

Has anyone tried to use cpptasks with managed C++ code? We have been using it for over a year with unmanaged code but recently started a project that we wanted to use managed code. This requires us to pass the /clr flag to the Microsoft compiler. Of course, we can use <compilerarg> to specify it but the msvc compiler seems to default to turning on /RTc (runtime checks) and that is incompatible with the /clr flag. Is there anyway to prevent it from adding the /RTc flag?



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