I don't know which list this came from so I am replying to this cross-post.  PLEASE DO NOT reply to everyone.  Instead just reply to the ant-contrib list if you have more questions. 

I fixed the issue with compilewithwalls not being compatible with 1.3.  You can build from source until a new release of ant-contrib comes out.  I apologize for that mistake.  I likewise don't pay attention to the bugs and only read e-mails on the ant-contrib-developer list.

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Jose Alberto Fernandez
<jalberto@cellectivity.com> wrote:

(I have filed bugs on antcontrib's site)

Cross-posting to the dev list may have been more efficient.  I for one
don't use SF's bug tracking system at all and only look over the
reports there once every few weeks.

If there is anyone out here that can influence the project
out there,

Well, Peter and myself are committers, but releases have been put
together (and decided on) by Matt and only Matt so far.

I'll forward you post to the dev list and will look into the JDK


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