I've cleaned up the CVS hopefully in a manner that is satisfying to all. 
I removed all the files from the build and src moduled and have a support request in to SourceForge to obliterate them.
The Switch, ForEach, OSFamily and PropertyCopy are now in the ant-contrib module in the net.sf.antcontrib.logic (for Switch and ForEach), net.sf.antcontrib.platform (for OSFamily) and net.sf.antcontrib.property (for PropertyCopy) package.  The build.xml in ant-contrib will create an ant-contrib-${version}.jar that contains those tasks.
I placed snapshots of the MARC archives of ant-dev postings contributing C++ tasks in cpptasks/base-implementations.  I have not placed the zip files or there contents in the CVS since some did not have appropriate license notifications.  So if MARC dies or the links change, then the zip files will be inaccessible, however it should be enough for someone to find the original contribution in some other archive.
I've have copied (but not otherwise changed) the contents of cpptasks/base-implementations/Murdoch to cpptasks.  All continuing development of the cpptasks should occur there.