I am making the changes to build.xml and build.properties.  If requested I will back out my changes.  Official builds should be built with ant -Dversion=<version> <target> instead now, so developers that build automatically get version=Developer version printed out if they do a java -jar ant-contrib.jar.  Is that a big deal to anybody???  If so, feel free to change that back, or I can do it for you.
When java -jar ant-contrib.jar is done, it prints vendor as http://sourceforge.net/projects/ant-contrib, version as version and title as ant-contrib.
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I would like to propose a new way to record the version in the jar rather that in the jar name.  Many people change the jar name to ant-contrib so the name doesn't keep changing as they upgrade, yet we still want an easy way to get the version of the ant-contrib jar.  As soon as someone changes the name, version information is lost.
My new proposal is "java -jar ant-contrib.jar" will print the version from the manifest file.  (The Manifest specification has version stuff)
If no one has a problem with this, I will modify the build file to generate the manifest and add a new class in ant-contrib that prints out the version from the manifest.
sidenote:  I have filed an RFE with Sun hoping that they implement java -jarversion xxx.jar so it prints out all version information from the manifest trying to make this a standard versioning mechanism.
please let me know what you think,