lastly, please send mails to ant-contrib.  There is another who has contributed and sometimes may have time when I don't.  He has contributed in the past to that specific task, and sometimes when I don't see the mail(I am on the ant-contrib mail list), he may.
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From: Robins, Anthony Y
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 12:46 PM
Subject: verifydesign problem

Hi Dean,

How do i submit a bug on verifydesign task?
Via ant-contribute or another website?

I apologize if this isnt the correct place to put this bug.

Anyways, here is the bug:
Here is an example.

We have 2 packages:

A file in DM calls DMT but DM does not have a dependency on
DMT in design.xml.   But verifydesign succeeds anyways.
needdeclarartions is set to true in both packages and subpackages is
set to "include" in both packages.

The problem i think is in Design.isClassInPackage() where
the startsWith() does not take into account the above scenario.  That is,
the className can start with the passed in package but the top level
packages can still be different.
So I changed it to
className.startsWith(p.getPackage() + ".")) locally.

-- anthony