The cpptasks is a great way of specifying a build from a high to mid level abstraction. I enjoy working with it versus a manual glob compilation and link with a ant project using my own properties. I would post my cpptasks build example for Sun because it works well. I am pleased to some extent with Aix and HPUX, but am not compiling and linking shared objects yet because my referenced compiler arguments are not being used. Why, I don't
Is there a posting, an example, a contribution on what we should add as compiler and linker args (defaults for shared, static, exe...)? This is a great tool and would like to get involved with it more, but if all we are going to do is gcc and msvc examples, is a poor showing with a wide audience of potential users.
 If we specify a shared obj as a link type, what are the defaults for compile and link with specific named compilers?
If we specify an executable type what are the defaults relative to the specific compiler?
Is there a javadoc someplace?
Are there examples for the compilers and linkers that can be posted. Trail and error is a little too time consuming.
I would like to share my experience with others and would like to see this tool become a part of ant or a plugin.
Keep up the good work. I may think about joining the development effort.