I've added the OS/390 compiler adapter to the code base.  Have no idea if it works in its current state, but I'll at least keep it compiling.
In addition, I just made a big set of changes to strip out the PlatformInfo and NamingScheme classes.  Those classes had been pretty much dormant, however there presence made it more complicated to add new compiler adapters.  There is a reasonable chance given the hour that I've messed up something or forgot to either remove or add a file.
I assume the initial idea behind the PlatformInfo and NamingScheme classes was that a multi-platform compiler would follow the naming scheme on the platform.  That is not the case with GCC which always creates .o files even when running on Windows.
I added an adapter for the Intel C/C++ compiler today assuming that the 4 (could be 6 depending on how you could) different Intel compilers would have consistent command options.  They don't however, the Windows compilers mimic the command options for Microsoft's compilers and the Linux compilers seem to mimic GCC.  Will probably end up with 4 distinct adapters, icc for IA-32 Linux, icl for IA-32 Windows, ecc for IA-64 Linux and ecl for IA-64 Windows.