A compiler definition.
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A compiler definition. compiler elements may be placed either as children of a cc element or the project element. A compiler element with an id attribute may be referenced from compiler elements with refid or extends attributes.
Attribute Description Type
classname Sets the default compiler adapter. Use the "name" attribute when the compiler is a supported compiler. java.lang.String
debug If set true, all targets will be built for debugging. boolean
description Sets a description of the current data type. java.lang.String
exceptions Enables or disables exception support. boolean
extends Specifies that this element extends the element with id attribute with a matching value. The configuration will be constructed from the settings of this element, element referenced by extends, and the containing cc element.
id Sets an id that can be used to reference this element. java.lang.String
if Sets the property name for the 'if' condition. The configuration will be ignored unless the property is defined. The value of the property is insignificant, but values that would imply misinterpretation ("false", "no") will throw an exception when evaluated. java.lang.String
inherit If inherit has the default value of true, defines, includes and other settings from the containing element will be inherited. boolean
libtool Set use of libtool. If set to true, the "libtool " will be prepended to the command line boolean
multithreaded Enables or disables generation of multithreaded code. Unless specified, multithreaded code generation is enabled. boolean
name Sets compiler type. Supported compilers
gcc (default)GCC C++ compiler
g++GCC C++ compiler
c++GCC C++ compiler
g77GNU Fortran compiler
msvcMicrosoft Visual C++
bccBorland C++ Compiler
msrcMicrosoft Resource Compiler
brcBorland Resource Compiler
dfCompaq Visual Fortran Compiler
midlMicrosoft MIDL Compiler
iclIntel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-32)
eclIntel C++ compiler for Windows (IA-64)
iccIntel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-32)
eccIntel C++ compiler for Linux (IA-64)
CCSun ONE C++ compiler
aCCHP aC++ C++ Compiler
os390OS390 C Compiler
os400Icc Compiler
sunc89Sun C89 C Compiler
xlCVisualAge C Compiler
newenvironment Do not propagate old environment when new environment variables are specified. boolean
rebuild If set true, all targets will be unconditionally rebuilt. boolean
refid Specifies that this element should behave as if the content of the element with the matching id attribute was inserted at this location. If specified, no other attributes or child content should be specified, other than "if", "unless" and "description".
unless Set the property name for the 'unless' condition. If named property is set, the configuration will be ignored. The value of the property is insignificant, but values that would imply misinterpretation ("false", "no") of the behavior will throw an exception when evaluated. java.lang.String
warnings Enumerated attribute with the values "none", "severe", "default", "production", "diagnostic", and "failtask". net.sf.antcontrib.cpptasks.CompilerDef.WarningLevel
Parameters as nested elements
Adds a compiler command-line arg.
Adds a defineset.
env (
Add an environment variable to the launched process.
Adds a source file set. Files in these set will be processed by this configuration and will not participate in the auction.
Creates an include path.
Specifies precompilation prototype file and exclusions.
Creates a system include path. Locations and timestamps of files located using the system include paths are not used in dependency analysis. Standard include locations should not be specified. The compiler adapters should recognized the settings from the appropriate environment variables or configuration files.

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