I'm considering adding some functionality to the Post task (located at net.sf.antcontrib.net.PostTask) and would like to open a new branch dedicated to that particular class only.
Unfortunetely, I do not have a login or password to access the SVN repository. (I didn't post this message to the CVS list since this is a SVN issue)
I'm concerned that the changes I make might break this class under unit testing, so if anyone has worked on this particular class before, I'd be willing to have it reviewed before its changes get committed.
The most important of the changes deal with:
- HTTP basic authenticantion (feature was added in)
- Cookies (commented out in my implementation, maybe someone can put together a workaround?)
- A few other issues that required me to comment out some other parts of the code.
Can those in charge of repository accounts contact me ASAP; another open-source project (dependent on unchangable firmware) on a tight schedule utilizes this library, but I'm hoping these changes will get pushed through quickly once issues they might cause are resolved.
Speaking of which, when can we expect another beta release? I am hoping to use antcontrib in our project after our contributions are committed, but there doesn't seem to be a place on the project page to download periodic builds beyond the betas.

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