#56 Support for finding executables not from the path

cpptasks (19)

Using cpptasks 1.0.b5, ant 1.7.0

In order to compile with compiler msvc8, cpptasks currently requires finding the cl and link targets from the windows environment PATH. There are three different locations of cl and link (/bin, /bin/amd64, /bin/x86_amd64). Each is used to produce a different binary (32bit, 64bit on a 64bit machine, and 64bit from a 32bit machine respectively). That means that Ant needs to have the right environment setup when it is called in order to produce the right binary. This makes it impossible to have the same ant target generate both 32bit and 64bit binaries.

Instead, this could be fixed by allowing the CommandLineCompiler (base class for DevStudioCCompiler) to take an extra configuration of what directory it should run the commands from. This would allow the compilers to not rely on the path to execute the exes, but would still fall back to path when its not set.


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