Anyone interested in pkg-config support?

  • mef

    mef - 2005-03-25

    I'm using the <cc> tasks to build some C/C++ code. To make my life easier, I've just implemented <pkgconfiglibset> and <pkgconfigincludepath> elements that parse and use the output of pkg-config to add to the libset or includepath.

    Are other people interested in these tasks? They seem to work well for me, but they haven't been extensively tested ... should I clean them up and submit them somewhere? (If so, where?)



    • Curt Arnold

      Curt Arnold - 2005-03-25

      Does sound useful.  It might be better if they were integrated into the existing libset/includepath tasks, like

      <libset pkgconfig="..."/>

      However, if that is too much work, you can submit it as it is and we can decide how to integrate it.  To submit it, select RFE from and attach the source in a tarball or zip file to the enhancement request.  Please make a statement that you are donating the code for inclusion in ant-contrib and that you have the rights to do so.

      Test cases or descriptions of potential test cases would be appreciated.  For example, you could provide some sample files and specify the expected include paths and libsets.

      You may get more feedback on the mailing list, so I'm going to reference this item in a mailing list posting and suggest that further discussion take place there.


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