Support for more compilers

  • Brandito

    Brandito - 2009-07-08

    I was wondering if this project was still active, and if so, if it could add support for the following compilers:
    HP-UX cc, Solaris cc, and AIX xlc_r, xlC_r

    The first three are C compilers, the last one is the multithreaded C++ compiler for AIX.  It should be used if "multithreaded" is set for the compiler task for xlC.

    I asked if this project is still maintained because of this fork:

    ... and the fact that there hasn't been any updates in over year.


    • Curt Arnold

      Curt Arnold - 2009-07-09

      Wasn't aware of the fork, but that is the joy of open-source.

      My open-source time has been very limited and unfortunately cpptasks is the least urgent of my overdue tasks.  However, I'm open to granting commit access if you have a plan and a quick search doesn't uncover undesirable behavior.

    • Brandito

      Brandito - 2009-07-09

      Sounds good.  I have a lot going on as well... but most of what I have going on involves getting our product to build under ant :)  I have currently hacked in support for what I need.  If they'll let me... I'll grab your branch, dougm's branch... merge his good changes... and then add further support for the other compilers/linkers in a "non-hacked" way and send it your way.

      It would also be nice to have a "generic" compiler/linker.  Basically it is a dummy compiler/linker class that essentially allows you to compile/link for most compilers.  You specify the name you want... and it just uses it.  It doesnt know about version... multithreaded... it just builds a basic compile string based on what ever you tell it.

  • acidd_uk

    acidd_uk - 2009-12-16

    Brandito, did you ever get anywhere with this? I'm in a very similar situation as yourself, and we have a need to compile with gcc-like compilers (e.g. code coverage instrumentation tools, Parasoft's memory analysis tool "Insure"), but we cannot find a way to do this with cpptasks.

    Furthermore, we have to support several versions of gcc (3.x, 4.1.x and 4.4.x), which are installed outside of the 'standard' system. I can't find a way to get cpptasks to use these compilers at my build time, it seems to always want to use something like /usr/bin/gcc :-(


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