Cpptasks: Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  • Markus Wankus

    Markus Wankus - 2006-02-24

    What is the deal with Cpptasks?  I have posted a couple bugs, and a patch with no response.  I have also heard others who have submitted patches and bugs with no response as well.  I also posted the following in the bug report with no response:


    Is this project being monitored or maintained anymore?
    contribute a patch for this but I'm not sure if this is
    being maintained anymore. 

    Actually, there are quite a few little bugs in CppTasks, and
    it really is not extensible enough to work around with
    actually editing/patching the source directly.  It is
    basically impossible to subclass CCTask and roll my own
    logic for certain methods because it uses private internal
    variables directly almost everywhere.

    I'm considering rolling my own, much more simplified
    from scratch simply because:

    1) I do not care about support for any compilers but my own,
    and I still can't get CppTasks to stop looking for gcc,
    by default.  This slows things down, and wastes memory.

    2) There are quite a few bugs that have been around for
    awhile (and I found another one today...), and I simply
    can't work around some of them from my classes.

    Before I take the plunge, what is the current status of this
    project?  I'm happy to submit patches if a release was
    forthcoming, but if it won't be awhile I think I'll
    focus on
    something else.


    It appears no-one is monitoring the bug system.  So, is anyone monitoring the mailing list?  I am about to fix some of these bugs in a local copy of the source, and quite frankly I am scared of moving to the HEAD revision in CVS.  It appears that there have been changes and it has not been beat on much as it has not been officially released.  I don't want to risk introducing even more bugs into my product.  Also, checking the code out of CVS - it looks like the only way to get an official copy of 1.0b3 is to grab the zipfile from the Files page.  The source isn't even tagged! 

    There was a post awhile back trying to get these tasks promoted to the standard Ant distribution, but realistically, if:

    - There hasn't been a release in *ages*
    - There are numerous outstanding bugs
    - There are *numerous* submitted patches that have gone unanswered
    - The source tree isn't even tagged!

    I don't see how a project like Ant would even consider adding Cpptasks to their distribution.  So, I am left with the same questions. 

    Is there any intention of continuing this project?
    If this project is going to be kept alive I would consider contributing to it, but I need to do something immediately to maintain my product and I am more inclined to simply start over. 

    Does anyone have any insight at all into the status of Cpptasks??


    • Curt Arnold

      Curt Arnold - 2006-02-24

      Posting to the mailing list is a more likely means to get a response from the community than embedding comments in a bug report or in the forums.  I've modified the trackers (bugs, support requests, etc) and the forums so they will also send an email to ant-contrib-developers@list.sourceforge.net so activity there does not get overlooked.

      As for lack of progress on the outstanding bug list, I have had good intentions to spend a few days working through the bug list for a real long time now, but my available open-source time has been consumed with other projects, primarily log4j.  My intention is to rotate from log4j to log4cxx and cpptasks in the near future, but I've been saying that for a long time.  I actually expect it to happen within two weeks now.

      • Markus Wankus

        Markus Wankus - 2006-02-25

        OK.  Well - if the project is still alive I'd be happy to lend a hand.  I've been skimming the bug list and mailing list posts and it seemed that things were pretty much dried up. 
        I can understand not having time for open source stuff - most of us are in the same boat and are grateful to people like you who do find/make the time.

        Anyway - let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  I appreciate the response.


      • Anonymous - 2006-02-27

        I'll second that, I'm willing to get involved if the project is still underway.  I've submitted a couple of bugs and side effects that I think could do with attention, and am more than happy to see them through.  Give me a shout,

        Peter Masters (pmasters at uk dot ibm dot com)

    • Markus Wankus

      Markus Wankus - 2006-03-03

      I can't seem to log in anonymously to CVS anymore.  Is anonymous access to the CVS server down?


    • Markus Wankus

      Markus Wankus - 2006-03-07

      Nevermind...it works now.



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