Need Help Veryurgen- pass args to remote ant

  • raghurajang

    raghurajang - 2005-03-25

    I was using ant-contrib to pass my parameter to an remote ant server to execute some task but its not working for me

    when used just rant i was able to connect to remote ant server and execute some task, but as i wanted to pass parameter to my remote target i moved to ant-contrib and  changed my code as shown below but whenever i run my client its giving me ""

    Please help me with sample source code to how to do this

    here is my code

    <remoteant machine="${}"
          <runant dir="${bp.remoteserver.xml}"
             <property name="env_name" 
                                                value="${env_name}" /

    • Matt Inger

      Matt Inger - 2005-03-25

      i'm assuming this is just a typo, but you're not closing the <property> element.  In any case, this is not enough information for me to work with.  I need to see a small isolated case with the server script, and the client script.

    • raghurajang

      raghurajang - 2005-03-25

      yeah that was typo

      my case my client side code is as shown in my first posting the server side is just echo some message to output file , lets assume my client calls the server target "init" then my server side target would be

      <target name="init" depends="path">
              <echo message="${env_name}} got" file="/home/wasadmin/tiersbuild/logs/output.txt" />

      so whats happening is i'm getting

      Can you give me any working examples if you have?

    • raghurajang

      raghurajang - 2005-03-25

      Hi Matt linger,

      I think i should give mroe information on this.

      1. what i did is i downloaded Download
   and extracted them then copied the ant-contrib.jar file to my ant.home lib in client
      (windows) aswell as server(solaris)

      2. When i tried without ant-contrib remoteant using rant it was working fine for me , then i got this request to make it parameter passable that time i did it with ant-contrib now i'm getting this problem

    • raghurajang

      raghurajang - 2005-03-29

      Hi Matt

      Just found something,

      when i added <antserver port="1234"/> within my<remoteant>.. stuff and tried to connect back my local host itself (i.e making both client and server in my local)
      the remoteant stuff working fine.

      But when i tried to connect to the other machine(i.e other than local) the antserver things just hangs there the control is not coming back ... i know this how it works even after adding <shutdown> task athe end of <remoteant> the program behaves in same manner. it just hangs there the control is not coming back

      Please advise


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