AntServer questions/bugs?

  • barrettc

    barrettc - 2005-04-06

    Couple of questions:

    1. When I execute a remote task, the remote server shuts down. I would expect it to stay running until I issue the shutdown task. Is this by design?
         [echo] test test test
         [echo] Sleeping for 10 seconds
    Got disconnect command
    Got shutdown command


    2. Simply starting the antserver and then trying to issue the shutdown command doesn't seem to work. The server says:
    Got disconnect command

    and the thread doesn't shut down.

    My client window says: Software caused connection abort: recv failed

    • Pete

      Pete - 2005-04-08

      I ran across this problem a while ago and thought that the bug was fixed.  I supposed it could be a different bug.    You can see my bug posted including sample code fix to determine if it is the same problem.

    • barrettc

      barrettc - 2005-04-08

      Thanks for the info..

      I'm starting to lean towards another solution because of the fact that remote tasks don't have a return code.

      In my problem, box 1's behavior is dependent on the success/failure of box 2-N. Since there's no code returned from the remote call, it doesn't really do me any good..

      • Pete

        Pete - 2005-04-09

        I was able to determine if there was a successful return.  I may have altered the code to do so.  One of the other limitations (this is going back a year or so) was that the return log was in XML.  If the result was rather large, then it could lead to parsing problems on the receiving end.  I added the ability to return the raw log.

        But in the end it was quite a good tool.  If I was a real java programmer i would have contributed more than bugs and feature requests.


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