Any plans for a final release?

  • Thomas Hallgren

    Thomas Hallgren - 2006-08-15

    I'm planning to use ant-contrib as an integral part of one of my projects. It seems to be very well written and contains some tasks that would help me a lot. The only thing that prevents me from using it at present, is the apparent lack of a release. I can only find ant-contrib-1.0b2.jar and it dates back to Feb. 03 2005. From the looks of it, a lot has happened since.

    Are there any plans to create an official release in the near future? Or perhaps a new beta?

    Kind Regards,
    Thomas Hallgren

    • Matt Inger

      Matt Inger - 2006-10-06

      There will be something very shortly.  I've been swamped at work, and have had little time to work on it over the past few weeks (the importurl task was the last thing i did).  I had been trying to resolve defects and complete the subversion migration before then.  I think a release will be in order shortly.

    • Matt Inger

      Matt Inger - 2006-10-06

      PS:  After the next release, I'll have to start worrying about ANT 1.7, and how to not break backward compatibility (if they've even made that possible for me).

    • Jess Holle

      Jess Holle - 2007-03-13

      Can you expound upon your Ant 1.7 worries?

      We recently moved to Ant 1.7 and have used portions of Ant-Contrib for quite some time.  It largely seems to be working fine, but I am now facing a very odd out-of-memory in an Ant project that uses foreach and trycatch within the foreach loop.

      I'm currently at 1.0b3 which we recently moved to as well.  I'll re-test with 1.0b2 and possibly cross test with Ant 1.6.5 as well.

      *Something* went haywire...

    • Stuart Axon

      Stuart Axon - 2008-08-05

      I'm wondering the same thing only it's a couple of years and one beta later.. if any of the devs are out there, a feature freeze and then a release would be really good :)

  • David Chan

    David Chan - 2011-03-02

    Is no one using this?  Why is this still in beta?

  • Guido Leenders

    Guido Leenders - 2011-03-02

    We are using it a lot. It is in general reliable. Some bugs, but fixing myself is too much work. I found little to no documentation / comment in the code studied.


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