MJA - 2007-05-04

I'm trying to use cpptask to compile and link a large project.  In an upper level directory I have a build.xml file that contains the cc task.  That cc task has a compiler and linker element.  I have also created several other compiler and linker elements that only contain platform specific compiler/linker options.  Also, in the lower level target directories, I also have created compiler/linker elements for each target, so each target can specify target specific compiler/linker options.

My problem is, in my cc task at the upper level I try to merge all these different compiler elemetns using "refId".  So that each different level of the build can specify there own options.  But, only the first compile element that I use "redId" is used.  Its like the others are not even seen. 

I've tried to use the "extends" option as well.  That seems to work for extending compilers, but does not work for extending linkers.

Any ideas?  I've seen code examples on the interneat that use multiple <compiler "refid"="???"/> statements in a single cc task.  But I'm having no luck trying to do that.

If I'm way off base here, any idea how I should be bringing in compiler options from different targets, platforms, outfile types, etc...

I'm using the latest version of Ant Contrib (as of 5/1/07).