Steven - 2005-05-27

I'm not sure if I'm posting to the correct forum.  I just learned about Antcontrib from the Ant mailing list and I find the documentation about Antcontrib very ambiguous as to what exactly needs to be done.

I am running my build.xml file on my WinXP desktop which generates .war files, zips them up, uses SCP Ant task to copy the file to the Linux server.

Once copied to the Linux server, I would like to STOP Tomcat, unzip the war files to tomcat/webapps, and restart Tomcat.

However, I find the <AntServer> task in AntContrib very ambiguous.  I need to know what is it that I need to do exactly on the Linux server to set it up.  Do I copy the antcontrib.jar to the jdk or ant/lib?  Do I tweak ant.conf in /etc/ant.conf?  What do I need to specify in my build.xml file?  I've already copied the .jar file to ant/lib on my desktop.

Is this even possible? What I'm trying to do? Stopping Tomcat remotely to deploy?