RPS - 2007-06-23


I'm hoping somebody's got a little insight into the variations between the gcc/cross/sparc_sun_solaris2 implemention in CppTasks.

Long story short, I've got to implement a bunch of GNU cross compilers adapters to do some testing and I was wondering why the sparc_sun_solaris2 followed the gcc and not the cross adaptor.

Pretty sure it has something to do with sparc_sun_solaris2 not being considered a cross compiler when ran on their native hosts? But the variation in the code lead me to wonder because its under the cross folder and not the sitting at the root like other gnu's type compilers.

Note: Pulled down a PPC adaptor and it followed the "cross" implementation.

I'm pretty sure either will work, as reference but I was hoping somebody with a lot more experience than me could give a little insight as to why they are different. (Did not get updated on some new rev??)