Linking with Mac OSX system frameworks

  • Caleb Cittadino

    Caleb Cittadino - 2007-04-26

    I am trying to set up an automated build using ANT and CPPTasks on both
    Windows and Mac.  Currently working with Mac and I'm having some troubles
    figuring out how to link in system frameworks.  The gcc compiler has an
    argument "-framework <path to system sdk>" but I don't know how to make CPPTasks
    pick this up.  Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Rashi

      Rashi - 2007-04-27

      Under <cc> tasks you can specify frameworks in this manner:

         <libset libs="Carbon" dir="/System/Library/Frameworks" type="framework">

      • Caleb Cittadino

        Caleb Cittadino - 2007-04-27

        So my frameworks are located under: /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/
        I tried both: <libset dir="/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/" libs="Carbon,Appkit,IOKit" type="framework" />
        AND <libset dir="/System/Library/Frameworks/" libs="Carbon,Appkit,IOKit" type="framework" /> but I still get linking errors complaining about finding 'std::*'. 

        Is there something I'm doing wrong here?  Any ideas?

    • Caleb Cittadino

      Caleb Cittadino - 2007-05-08

      Nevermind, this does work for me.  I had something else broken =)


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