<cc name="CC"> hangs on Solaris, what to do?

  • Alexey N. Solofnenko


      I am trying to compile some JNI code on Solaris with ANT and <cc> works fine with GCC compiler (but the compiler requires some libraries to ship with our product). I tried to switch to "CC", but the task hangs. In verbose mode it looks like the task hangs during dependency checking - no commands are printed.

    ant-contrib version - 1.0b1
    I cannot tell CC version, but its path is /opt/SUNWspro/WS6U2/bin/CC

    • Web Hiker

      Web Hiker - 2003-05-28

      I'm having the same problem. My CC is in /opt/SUNWspro/bin/CC

      Anyone have a work-around for this?


    • Web Hiker

      Web Hiker - 2003-06-03

      It seems no-one is watching these forums - better to post your  problem to the Ant mailing list.
      Anyway, I fixed this problem by downloading the sources from CVS, and building my own version of ant-contrib.jar, and the problem disappeared.


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