dmulder - 2004-10-06

I am using xlC compiler on AIX 5.2 system with VisualAge 6.0 compiler. The linker sub task produces an error message with <libset dir"/myuser_lib_path" libs="os_std, os_time" />. The xlC linker message states the libraries cannot be found or opened -l os_std  and one message for the other library os_time.  I tried individual library for libset entries, results were the same. Next, I tried a fileset, and one fileset enclosed in a libset. filesets alone started to work with the linker, but linker produces a message - syntax error on line 2. Nesting filesets in a libset does not work at all. Using the 1.03b cpptasks version, as seen in an earlier message posted.

Does anyone have a code snippet for xlC linker with libset, or is syslibset the answer. Would appreciate examples, and fi these could be posted.

If you need more information, will send build script.