Using CC task

  • Rabih El Chaar
    Rabih El Chaar

    Hello, i'm a newbie trying to use cpptask instead of make.
    i'm using cygwin for gcc.

    my goal is to create a shared library.
    However, while running ant, i get a .so library, instead of .dll. I've tried to set some variable to windows, but that doesn't seem to work.

    1) is it normal that the library has extension .so ?

    2) where can i find some Build.xml examples for building C++, this will be of greate help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello,

      How can i convince ant/cpptasks to show me the real compiler call with options and arguments instead of
      [exec] [cc] [<filename>]?



      • ant -verbose -debug will emit the compiler command and all the arguments as single strings:

        gcc -foo -bar

        Very useful, but it's mixed in with the other debug output, which can be quite verbose.

    • Sorry, should not have been sent as answer.

    • conor

      i would also like to see some simple xml file explaining how to implement it.