#56 xlC_r, path sep for LIB, CaptureStreamHandler update

cpptasks (103)

I attach some fixes for cpptasks 1.0b1. These include:

1) Support for AIX xlC_r compiler
2) Correction to use correct separator when parsin paths
3) Don't lock up with Sun Forte 7 CC compilers

I hope you find them useful.


  • Mark J Hewitt

    Mark J Hewitt - 2003-12-09

    GNU unified diffs to cpptasks-1.0b1

  • Michael Rumpf

    Michael Rumpf - 2004-01-23

    Logged In: YES


    I reapplied the fixes to the latest CVS version.

    The command

    patch -p0 < patch.diff

    should be sufficient.

    There is no way to upload the files currently, if it is
    still not there after submitting this comment I will send it
    per email...


  • Curt Arnold

    Curt Arnold - 2004-04-24

    Logged In: YES

    Commited changed env variable from "path" to "PATH".
    Subsequent code used File.pathSeparator which should be e

    Will research Solaris issues on SF compile farm.

  • Curt Arnold

    Curt Arnold - 2004-04-24
    • summary: Fixes to cpptasks 1.0b1 --> xlC_r, path sep for LIB, CaptureStreamHandler update
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Curt Arnold

    Curt Arnold - 2004-04-24

    Logged In: YES

    The path separator had been changed independently and the
    environment variable was changed from path to PATH

    Using CC -V fixed the Forte CC lockup problem without
    reworking CaptureStreamHandler. I'll hold on to your patch,
    but since it is pretty universally used code, I'm reluctant to
    change it when it no longer shows any symptoms.

    xlC_r as far as I'm aware is a variant that supports threads.
    Ideally, this would just automatically happen when you
    specify name="xlC" and multithreaded="true", however there
    are architectural issues what that isn't easily done at the
    moment. However, that code may be refactored shortly
    which would make transparent support of xlC_r simpler, so I'm
    going to defer that.


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