#224 cpptasks hangs reading long paths with cygwin

cpptasks (103)
David Haney

cpptasks appear to hang on Windows with the cygwin g++ compiler when attempting to determine the include search paths.

This appears to be happening in the CaptureStreamHandler, when it attempts to read from the error output, and then from the standard output. If the process writes enough data to standard output, it will block until the data is read, however the code to read from standard output is blocked reading from standard error, resulting in a deadlock.


  • David Haney

    David Haney - 2008-07-10

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    Fixed in svn revision 172.

    CaptureStreamHandler was updated to use threads in order to read from the processes stderr and stdout simultaneously.

  • David Haney

    David Haney - 2008-07-10
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