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Updated SUnit for Dolphin 3 & Dolphin 4

Dear Friends,

Updated versions of SUnit for Dolphin 3 and Dolphin 4 have been upload.

Thanks to Richard Harmon and Bob Jarvis for their work on this, and an additional thank you to Bob Jarvis who has agreed to look after the Dolphin versions.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-03-02

New SUnit 3.0 for VisualSmalltalk

Giorgio Ferraris has been kind enough to do a port of SUnit 3.0 to VisualSmalltalk 3.1.x

Thank you Bob!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-25

New 3.0 for Gemstone/S 5.1.4

Joseph Bacanskas has been kind enough to do a port of SUnit 3.0 to Gemstone/S 5.1.4

Thank you Joseph!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-19

New 3.0 for Dolphin 4

Bob Jarvis has been kind enough to do a port of SUnit 3.0 to Dolphin 4.

Thank you Bob!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-19

Fixed small ommision in Dolphin Preload

I goofed and forgot to add one method to the Preload package. I have fixed that
and uploaded a change.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-16

New Versions of 3.0 (and a fix)

Dear Friends,

There are 4 versions total now.
VisualWorks 5i
VisualWorks 3.x
Dolphin 3.0x
VisualAge (4.5,5.0,5.5)

The fix was a mistake in the VW3.0 version, which has been fixed and updated.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-13

New Version: 3.0

Dear Friends,

A new official version of SUnit has been uploaded. SUnit 3.0. This contains the long awaited TestResource capability (Much kudos to Joseph Pelrine and Jeffrey Odell!!!).

The old TestScripter which had almost no use, is now gone, however if anyone wants to use it, it can be used with the new 3.0, probably with no changes.

I'll be working on a VW3.0 and Dolphin port today, so we'll see these Real Soon Now. Finally, anyone who does a port to 3.0 will get a big thank you! Just send me the files ( I'll only edit them to make sure they satisfy the cross platform issues and formatting, and then upload them here.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-12

Updated VW 5i Preload parcel (PST & PCL)

The new version of the Preload parcel(s) automagically have Smalltalk import the XProgramming.SUnit namespace. This allows all namespaces at and below Smalltalk to see the SUnit code without the user having to take into consideration special namespace issues.

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-08-13

Updated VW30 Release

The VW30 SUnit 2.7 had a dependency on ENVY, which it shouldn't have had.
I've loaded a new version of Core, Preload and UI, which represents fixes I made
for Camp Smalltalk 2.

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-08-01

2.7 for Gemstone/S Complete!

The final release of SUnit 2.7 for Gemstone/S is now available.

Much thanks and work by: Joseph Bacanskas, James Foster and Benny Sadeh!

They did the real work. Benny did the reference work on an older SUnit that the Exception work was based on. Joseph took my first pass mess and made sense of it. James worked with Joseph to get it into final working shape!

They did a spectacular job. Kudos all around!... read more

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-07-30

2.7 for ObjectStudio Complete!

The 2.7 version of SUnit for ObjectStudio 6.2 is complete and available.

Next up may be Gemstone/S if we can work the kinks out.


Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-07-11

2.7 For Squeak Complete!

The port of SUnit 2.7 to Squeak is now available.
This has been tested on Squeak 2.7 and 2.9, however, for now, we're continuing to call it a Squeak 2.7 port, since 2.8 and 2.9 need a new vm.

Gemstone/S work is still underway, we've run into some Exception issues we have to iron out.

Next up is ObjectStudio

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-07-09

2.7 for Smalltalk MT complete!

The port of SUnit 2.7 for Smalltalk MT 2.6 is now available.

Next up, Gemstone/S !!!

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-06-22

2.7 for Smalltalk/X Complete!

The 2.7 version of SUnit for Smalltalk/X is now complete and ready for download.

Next up, Smalltalk MT

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-06-21

Munged Dolphin 2.7 Files

Well, Somehow the Dolphin files for 2.7 were serverly munged. New versions have been uploaded, and all should be well now.

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-06-19

2.7 for VisualWorks 5i and Dolphin 3.0 complete!

Version 2.7 of SUnit Camp Smalltalk is completed now for both VisualWorks 5i and Dolphin 3.0.

Dolphin fans, make sure you remove the 'SUnitDO30-' prefix from the files before you try to install them into your image.

VisualWorks 5i fans, we now have an Envy .DAT file available, as well as tests for using SUnit in the 5i Namespaces... thanks to Georg Heeg for much assistance on both!

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-06-15

Munged VW30 .ST files

I munged the VW3.0 .st files by not using "Generic" format and excluding the Envy crap... My bad. I have uploaded a new set of these 4 files.

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-06-12

Bad .dat files? Yes and No

It was reported that the 2.7 .dat files for VA (SUnitVA.dat) and for VW2.5.2 (SUnitVW252.dat) were bad.

In fact, the VA file was goofy, and I re-uploaded it.

However, the VW file is OK as far as I can see (I tested this by loading it into a virgin manager.dat)

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-06-01

2.7 for VisualWorks 3.0 complete

The port of SUnit 2.7 to VisualWorks 3.0 is complete. Next up, VisualWorks 5i

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-05-31

VisualSmalltalk file fixes

The Core and UI files for the 2.7 version for VisualSmalltalk were goofy... I have uploaded new files

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-05-30

2.7 for VisualAge complete

The VisualAge port of SUnit Camp Smalltalk 2.7 is done.
Also, a reupload of a messed SUnitVW252.dat file.

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-05-29

2.7 Release for VisualSmalltalk

Dear Friends,

I have finished and uploaded the VisualSmalltalk 3.1.2 release of SUnit Camp Smalltalk 2.7.


Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-05-28

New 2.7 Release

Dear Friends,

The second round of work on SUnit Camp Smalltalk has begun. Today, the first 2.7 release was made for VisualWorks 2.5.2.

Next VisualSmalltalk 3.1.2

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-05-28

SUnit Camp Smalltalk

The first release of SUnit Camp Smalltalk has been released here at the SourceForge, in the SUnit-CampSmalltalk module.
This is the 2.6 release.

Posted by Samuel S. Shuster 2000-05-16

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