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In my spare time I am going to continue developing this script

Posted by Anonymous 2008-08-10

v0.2 Released

Download and enjoy

Feedback would be great

Please report any bugs and request any features


Posted by Ben Griffiths 2007-10-08

Feature Request

Want to see some features in v0.2 or highier, then request it!

Posted by Ben Griffiths 2007-10-04

Dead, Not anymore!

The old owner quit, gave up and killed A Nounce !. But im here to continue where he left off.
Expect to see v0.2 coming in the near future!

Posted by Ben Griffiths 2007-10-04

A Nounce ! is dead

A Nounce ! is dead. I have decided to not work on this script anymore. I have little time left lately, and most of my time for programming goes into my other sourceforge project, Websign Directory System.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-30

multi purpose edition

development has started on the multi-purpose edition of A Nounce !

this will take a bit longer than planned, as I'll be moving in the coming weeks to a new house. this may even result in a bit of no-internet time as the cable provider I use has to adapt the cable connection in the new house, and I don't know when they have time to do this.

but I'm working on it.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-06-26

v0.1 released !

v0.1 has been released! Enjoy!

Of course, feedback is appreciated.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-11

script running in single purpose mode

the a nounce! script is already running as a test environment on www.wanrecords.net (the network protocol option). the single purpose-version of the script should be released before the end of june. the multi-user version will come at a slightly later date.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-07