• Nuke

    Nuke - 2006-02-10

    Could you post the md5sum so we can check we got the  complete and not corrupted or altered download?


    • Bill St. Clair

      Bill St. Clair - 2006-02-25

      Cygwin computed the following on my copy. It'd be nice to see a verification of this from the developers.

      aa3907cbe3220f57e1c1a1bbaec062ef *anonymos-shmoo.iso

    • Nuke

      Nuke - 2006-02-25


      I just calculated the md5sum and got

      41ef38237209f4fd159d2847b18195f0  anonymos-shmoo.iso

    • TWilliam

      TWilliam - 2006-03-13

      Phil, looks like you have a corrupt download. MD5SUM gives me identical to what Bill posted...

    • Nuke

      Nuke - 2006-03-13

      Thanks TWilliam.  I'll download and check again.

    • stromdal

      stromdal - 2007-02-23

      I'm getting aa3907cbe3220f57e1c1a1bbaec062ef.

    • scar

      scar - 2007-03-01

      hmm, i can't believe we are resorting to this for such a project.  there should be an official MD5 or a signature available in the downloads.

    • scar

      scar - 2007-03-04

      i also got AA3907CBE3220F57E1C1A1BBAEC062EF

      maybe the 4 of us got the corrupt download and Nuke got the original?

    • scar

      scar - 2007-03-04

      it's possible.  i wouldn't rely on this for anything important until a signature is posted that verifies the download i already have.  after all, they could just now say that the md5 is AA3907CBE3220F57E1C1A1BBAEC062EF and trick us into thinking we have the original.


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