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Cant get on the Internet

  • tlalocan

    tlalocan - 2007-07-09

    I was so eager to try out Anonym.OS after I heard about it that I downloaded the .iso file, burned the CD and then I put it in my computer to test it out.

    The computer booted from the CD, then I was asked to create my  password, after that I was asked  if I wanted to randomize my MAC address (I chose yes) then it asked if I wanted to configure my DHCP settings automatically (I chose yes)

    then after I got to the desktop, I opened up the browser and typed a web address and unfortuantely it didnt come up, I tried several other web addresses and same thing I would keep getting an error message.

    Hardware wise my internet setup is very simple, I have a laptop connected directly to a cable modem via an ethernet cable.

    can someone tell me what could be my problem.

    • llista

      llista - 2007-07-09

      Anonym.OS needs to be updated for it to work again as it uses the old Tor configurations which do not work anymore, not your fault.

      Reading this post from last year and with no reply gives the impression that the Anonym.OS project is dead, you have probably wasted one CD.

      I know of a similar project called "Incognito live CD" but I have not tested it as the download is only via bit Torrent.

      You may also be interested in the only live CD I know of that includes Truecrypt, but no anonymous surfing.

    • tlalocan

      tlalocan - 2007-07-10

      thanks for the update, I will give the software you mentioned a try.


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