Not Working - JonDoFox 2.0.4 (Firefox 3.0.10)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This morning, while opening JonDoFox to connect to Dresden, I got a message saying that a preference had changed and that the change compromised my privacy; and, that I was to restart.  Later I tried another MIX and I could no longer get through.  I spent all my in a waiting state.
    Any thoughts would be welcome - Thanks

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried to download this program and found it far to complex to deal with. Why would anyone unleash this on normal people who are simply trying to navigate the internet safely?  I do not see this as the work of caring people, but I never have considered computer people as professionals or caring. I am sorry to be unkind but this was and remains a very bad experience for me, which I would regret were I to be responsible for this program or its release. I certainly would make help to undo the damage it has done EXTREMELY easy to obtain, not for an IT pro so much, but for just a regular Joe. This is not the case and that is a disgrace.

    My two cents.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hope u never get a driver license and stay with ur scooter - Joe… :lol:


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