Is NTLM authentication supported by JAP?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I was a happy user of JAP up to last week; since then, my network administrators switched the proxy/firewall to a chain of bloody Microsoft servers that use NTLM for authenticating users.
    I have tried supplying JAP with domain/user/password in any conceivable form, but I have kept getting a connection error; consequently, I have reached the conclusion (although I would be happy to be proven wrong...) that JAP doesn't support this protocol.
    If that's the case, are there any plans to implement this authentication mode in JAP?

    • Stefan Köpsell

      Stefan Köpsell - 2005-09-06


      yes unfortunatley JAP does not support NTLM at the moment, The main problem is, that we do not have a Microsoft server for testing this. also I am not sure if the specification of NTLM is publicy available.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    the status seems to be the same after 3 years.
    is there any progress in this respect?

  • mehran omidiyan

    mehran omidiyan - 2009-11-17

    Hi i have good news for you. there is actually a work around to make Jap work with NTLM. 
    There is a small program (NTLMAPS) which change the authentication type to basic .It is written in the Python language by Dmitry Rozmanov 
    1. First you need to install Pythone. downloaded it from
    2. Then, download NTLMAPS  from
    3. Once you have downloaded NTLMAPS, you can extract it into the directory of your choice:

    4 Quick Configuration

    in extracted folder open server.cfg by your favorite editor. Locate the lines:


    PARENT_PROXY: your proxy address


    Now, locate the lines:

       NT_HOSTNAME:  leave blank 
    # Windows Domain.
    # NOTE: it is t windows network domain.

    NT_DOMAIN:    your_domain

    # What user's name to use during authorization. I

    USER:  username_to_use

    # Password. Just leave it blank here and server will request it at the start time.
    PASSWORD:  leave blank

    You will need to put in your domain name in place of your_domain, user name in place of 'username_to_use' . Save the file after editing.

    5.Running NTLMAPS

    Now simply run the file
    the dos window pops up and it will ask you for your proxy password .
    input the pawwrod and hit enter key
    you should keep this window open.

    now open your jap in in network connection use the following for your proxy configuration.
    proxy : localhost    port :5865

    do not check the options : Proxy required authentication.
    save this settings.  by this settings the jap will be connected
    enjoy the Jap as before.


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