Several questions about JAP

  • Dave Hester

    Dave Hester - 2011-10-16


    I just downloaded JAP and I have some questions. I really don't understand much about all this tech stuff so sorry if these questions are silly.

    1. If IPs of different users are "mixed" at some point, isn't it possible that whenever I use the service somebody else uses my IP address and could do illegal stuff with it?
    2. Some websites require Java Script to be enabled for them to function correctly. If JS is enabled my real IP address leaks and I am no longer surfing anonymously. What can be done to circumvent this problem. i.e. enable JS for the website that require it and yet not have the real IP leaking?
    3. Will it be visible for the websites I am surfing on that I am my IP address is not my real one? I have been surfing through proxy servers for a while and it was detectable for the websites that I did. Therefore most websites had banned these IPs and surfing was very restricted.
    4. I tested JAP with the free trial version but speeds where so slow that it was close to unusable (timeouts etc). Is this free trial thing a good representation of what I can expect when I pay for the service. What download speed can I expect more or less. When I tried it it took an average of 30 seconds for a Wikipedia page to fully load. Maybe there were some issues with my settings. Please advise.

    Thanks for you help guys.


  • Georg Koppen

    Georg Koppen - 2011-12-19

    To answer your question:
    1) No, not as long as you use the default configuration and do not forward traffic for users living in censoring countries (anti-censorship function)
    2) It is not possible to get your IP address with JavaScript directly (but with Java it is!). But, however, there are ways to fingerprint you which may allow a powerful adversary to get you identified. Therefore, we recommend to use add-on like NoScript and only allow JavaScript on a site-by-site base on sites whom you trust.
    3) Yes.
    4) No, that is no good representation at all. While the free services usually only have a speed of 30kbit/s. the premium ones have 1-1.5Mbit/s. You may try them:

    N.B.: You may get answers to your questions much faster on:


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