AnImaL 0.10.8 released

Animal is An IMAging Library for C. It has some advanced image analysis and segmentation routines. Animal unites ImageMagick and other powerful libraries in a single easy-to-use library. It is functional but still in alpha stage.

In this version, we fixed some severe distribution/compilation bugs present in 0.10.7,
as well as some other minor bugs.

+ thx to Dean S. Messing: I added src/ and
src/ to the distro, which were missing in the previous
version due to my mistake with Automake. -- Ricardo.
+ fixed bug in Cuisenaire's Euclidean Distance Tranform
+ imshow now works normally for constant images; default scaling
is now done considering the range of each image pixel type.

Download the new version at:

Posted by Ricardo Fabbri 2004-04-21