Work in Progress

Ive been busy trying to add portable Configure and Makefiles to Animadead for those of you who have not been able to use the existing project files. I will also be adding some more documentation and tutorials this weekend. I'll be making tutorials on using and creating animations for the library and working with Maya and Ill provide examples using duke. I will also in the not-to-distant-future be creating reference documentation to all of the commands in the library.

I have this next week off and Ill have a lot of time to give to the project and the users if any of you have questions. Ill probably start the web page for this library soon too. While Im on the topic, Ill mention, Id like to have a logo for the web page where there is a grave and a skeleton crawling up out of the grave, becoming animated. And help illustrate the pun of animating the dead (ie. skeletons) hence Animadead, which is pronounced like animated, but instead of ted, it's dead.

Posted by John Butterfield 2004-03-12

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