Animadead version 0.7 First Release

Animadead is a skeletal animation library designed to load and play skeletal animations. It supports models that are composed of several swappable meshes bound to a single skeleton that can be driven by multiple animations. Animadead uses existing modeling programs to export animations to its own file types and provides a library to load them using C++.

Animadead was written in C++ and has no dependencies. However, an example implementation is provided that uses OpenGL and SDL. The example provides a model set up with several meshes: feet, hands, head, hair, torso and pants. And has a second torso mesh to illustrate swapping meshes. The original model is provided.

There is an export plug-in for Maya provided, and others are in development, including a plug-in for 3D Studio Max and Lightwave. You can download the source here:

The motivation for this library is due to the fact that there is no well-known format for skeletal animation in games. Animadead is my attempt to present a format, which can evolve into that well-known format and even provide the basic functionality of loading and playing animations.

John Butterfield

Posted by John Butterfield 2004-03-07

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