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[r38] (HEAD) by ubudog32

Small change to the README (Adds a recruitment message).

2011-07-23 15:30:55 Tree
[r37] by lkjoel

Changed README

2011-05-17 22:02:04 Tree
[r36] by ubudog32

Fixes a small svn issue with the sound.

2011-03-30 15:33:32 Tree
[r35] by ubudog32

Some more documentation in the source code.

2011-03-28 21:34:27 Tree
[r34] by ubudog32

Adds some more picture buttons, they don't work though.

2011-03-28 15:45:06 Tree
[r33] by ubudog32

Changes START to "Let's Play". Please change this if you think it's better as START.

2011-03-28 14:53:39 Tree
[r32] by ubudog32

Some more dependencies added to the README file.

2011-03-28 03:10:38 Tree
[r31] by lkjoel

Changed README

2011-03-28 01:59:27 Tree
[r30] by ubudog32

Some commented out descriptions of music playing.

2011-03-27 21:09:06 Tree
[r29] by ubudog32

Clicking the play button starts some homemade music playing, and the music directory is moved to the data directory.

2011-03-27 21:06:51 Tree
[r28] by ubudog32

Removes an autosave, and adds the angrytuxthemesong .wav file.

2011-03-27 20:46:55 Tree
[r27] by ubudog32

Adds a music directory, and a test song I made in Hydrogen.

2011-03-25 20:39:40 Tree
[r26] by caboose885

Added my info and lkjoel's info to the developer area. Also Added Copyright year

2011-03-10 23:22:08 Tree
[r25] by caboose885

Cleaned code and added Journal logger for the XO. Shouldn't break anything. Also Added my email address to developer list

2011-03-10 23:16:13 Tree
[r24] by lkjoel

Added b2_settings

2011-03-09 01:27:49 Tree
[r23] by lkjoel


2011-03-09 01:27:12 Tree
[r22] by lkjoel

Removed unnessessary files

2011-03-09 01:15:54 Tree
[r21] by lkjoel

Deleted unnessessary files

2011-03-09 01:14:15 Tree
[r20] by lkjoel

Changed files

2011-03-09 01:13:26 Tree
[r19] by livelite

Removed pybox2d testbed gui code. Added cleanup file

2011-03-08 01:17:14 Tree
[r18] by lkjoel

Added files

2011-03-07 03:52:30 Tree
[r17] by livelite

Added beginnings for our engine based on pybox2d. Install pybox2d and run

2011-03-05 23:00:55 Tree
[r16] by livelite

Added self (livelite) to developer's list)

2011-03-03 22:00:42 Tree
[r15] by lkjoel

Added the Developers Page.

2011-03-02 04:52:41 Tree
[r14] by lkjoel

Deleted unneccessary file

2011-02-25 03:55:05 Tree
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