Nara - 2012-08-11

Hi! Could someone help me out? I'm trying to save PC memory when working with image patterns. My question is: is there a way to allocate patterns manually?
I have a zombie simple walking animation with 4 phases
With A - foot ahead, B - foot still.
Does it mean I am ought to have a spritesheet with all these 4 zombies drawn?
1. Can I tell andorra that 2th pattern texture and the 4th pattern are the same? ie to load pattern 4 using pattern 2 texture?
2. AB and BA are the same texture inverted. Is there a way to tell andorra to draw BA as (AB inverted)?
3. Sometimes spritesheets are packed that way that not all frames have the same size - some are wider, some are even rotated 90 degrees or scattered throughout the whole imagefile. Can I load each pattern with custom set XYs and rotation?
Thank you!