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Big TM not working

  • eresus

    eresus - 2011-04-06


    Kudos for your kind work for translators!

    I'd like to mention certain problems I encountered in using Anaphraseus.

    1. The latest versions don't support LibreOffice due to incompatibility of types (except for ver. 80)

    2. They do support OOO, but not big TM; 4 MiB is OK, but 27 MiB is not... Why the limit?

    Context search is a very long-awaited feature, so again, thank you very much,
    and keep up the good work. Hopefully the pace of work will speed up, as it is
    still risky to use the software in production environment (document structure
    is not always retained...)

    Best regards

    Michal Jasinski

  • Ole Yansen

    Ole Yansen - 2011-04-06

    Hi Michal

    Thank you for feedback.

    I'll check it for LibreOffice compatibility again.

    So about big TM's, now Anaphraseus use Java for loading TM, and limited is
    only by amount of system memory, available for Java Virtual Machine.

    Best regards, Ole

  • Levasc

    Levasc - 2013-02-05

    Hi, I am using Anaphraseus as my main CAT tool, sorry did not yet supported it, please make paypal link working (or it is a problem with my browser :)

    About big TMs, I tried to import 9MB TMX, 10000 TU, got this error (see attachment),

    Found out that it is insufficient Java heap space problem.
    I found that it is possible to increase heap space allocation, for example like this:

    java -Xmx512m -Xms512m -jar program.jar

    But it should be done for a particular "program.jar", where to find this file (what is his name) which is performing this importTMX method.. for which I could allocate more heap space.
    I am using libreoffice on ubuntu, Anaphraseus_2.04.108b

    Thank you

  • Ole Yansen

    Ole Yansen - 2013-02-06


    It's possible to add these java start parameters in OpenOffice menu: "Tools" - "Options" - "Java". They will be then applied to any Java Virtual Machine call after restarting office.
    I'v attached screenshot of this dialog below. Please let me know if it help to solve problem.

    Best regards, Ole

    Last edit: Ole Yansen 2013-02-06

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