Regarding the next version

  • First of all, congratulations! I've waited ages for a Wordfast clone that would work on OpenOffice, and Anaphraseus looks very promising.

    I would like to know how work is progressing on the next version. Right now, my main gripe with Anaphraseus is that it skips formatting (bold, italics and links). Will it be fixed in the next version?

    Also, it's been a while since the last release, and I'm a bit worried. The project is alive and kicking, right?


    • I've read the thread where you asked for TMX support, Tony. That's great news, you know I also use OmegaT. Is your version able to handle links and text formatting?

      • Ole Yansen
        Ole Yansen

        Hi Roberto.

        I have some problems with spare time, but Anaphraseus will be running.
        Version I had sended to Tony just snapshot. It has "Import OmegaT TMX" feature and able to handle cleanup in text tables.
        In next releases we shall have planned to put support of formulas, pictures, other embedded objects, and text formatting also. So there is a lot to do :-)

        Regards, Oleg

    • Ole sent me a new version last week that supports OmegaT generated TMX files.
      I would assume that means development is still in progress.
      Was that version not released here?
      It works GREAT!